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The SALES Process: It's Easier Than You Think!

Uncategorized Jun 27, 2019
THE SALES PROCESS: It's easier than you think! Sales come from being AUTHENTIC and ORGANIC in your marketing... it's ALL in YOUR STORY!!
People need to know, like and trust you in a few seconds with you to opt in to even get them on your list.
Then they have to feel like you're giving them an outcome they desire pretty quickly.... so make a video that does that for them. Then keep making more value-added videos.
... continue to add MASSIVE VALUE a few times
... let them achieve a RESULT
.... and provide a compelling PAID offer to your courses/memberships that shows you have an AWESOME solution to their needs.
(It's a good idea to stack value by listing the value of EACH thing you offer - maybe adding what others charge - everything separate - and then adding bonuses with listed values - all this is so you can now provide an IRRESISTIBLE INTRIGUE offer!)
I hope I didn't explain this confusingly.
Most people don't have enough of THEIR STORY in their posts or lead magnets.
People NEED to resonate with you and your journey to know, like and trust you ... and that's where it starts!

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