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Are You Tired of Wearing Too Many Hats In Your Business and Feeling Like You’re Achieving What You Need To Get Done at The End of the Day/Week? 

You're an entrepreneur, problem solver, healer in your craft and a creator. You've got a million things on your to-do list, but are you actually moving the needle and getting your result? Traditional memberships leave you stuck in learning mode…Not here! It’s time to sort out your processes so you can finally get to do less and achieve more. Welcome to the Business Builder Community!

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Here’s How It Works:

📌 Identify: We kickstart by zooming in on what you solve and who you solve it for.

📌 Fix: Repair the leaks in your business processes and offers for optimal performance.

📌 Execute: We co-create content ON THE CALL so that your right audience can find you effortlessly.  

📌 Grow: Say goodbye to feast or famine and hello to steady passive income and leads.

What's Inside?

📌  Weekly 1-Hour Zoom Implementation Calls: Actually create content and solutions ON THE CALL.  

📌 A Fun, Supportive Community: Work doesn't have to be dreary. Enjoy the company of like-minded entrepreneurs and Angel makes it a super fun atmosphere filled with all types of resources on neural plasticity to understand how to carry the tools to your outside life and be more fun and resourceful. 

📌  Exclusive Resources: Get access to playsheets, templates, and more to help you stay on track.

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Why Work With Angel?

If you’re reading this, it’s because you’re on a mission for good and the world needs what you’re offering! Finding the right mentor isn’t always easy, and you’ve gotta resonate at a high level with the person you’re working with. The goal is to attract your RIGHT audience easily, without spending money! 

Angel Rose Hill was born on November 3rd, 1978, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. As a foster child and street kid, she had already lived in more than sixteen homes by age fourteen. Angel faced numerous struggles in her life and attended various community programs, including Rainbows for Grieving Children, Youth Haven, Alateen, Alanon and other programs in an attempt to overcome a profound sense of unworthiness and suicidal ideation. After hospitalization for attempted suicide, she was introduced to the book "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, which helped her discover the potential of her "other self" in the world. She could envision her fully actualized future self, igniting a profound desire within her.

Following her encounter with that book, she was provided with the program by the same wonderful person called,"Personal Power II" by Tony Robbins, which further fueled her passion for growth and contribution. Angel was transformed and from that moment on, never experienced suicidal ideations again.

Angel went to own several businesses (including brick and mortar establishments) and lead many large teams over the course of her life, many of which become ten year plus successful endeavours. She also went on to deliver value to as many people as possible for the next three decades of her life until one day learning from experience that if she gave and gave and gave, THAT worthiness! In a way, this was wonderful because it made her a beautiful, generous, caring, and kind person. However, the truth was that everyone she helped became MASSIVELY successful, and most months, she could barely make ends meet because she would GIVE it ALL AWAY!

Tony Robbins helped her FIX that when he personally invited her as his guest to Date with Destiny, along with her top three social media fans and her husband. She SAW how her worthiness story problems were causing tremendous pain for her, her clients, her audience, and my family.

That’s when Angel created her 7-step Business Builder Method process (from my bed on my phone because she got hit by a Mack truck on the way home from the event and was badly injured) and earned $17,500 her first week. She has NEVER struggled for money again and has NEVER been in scarcity again! She teaches others to make money with EASE now ☺ and fix their worthiness stories too!

Now you get to BENEFIT from this knowledge and ACCELERATE your results FAST!