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How Kajabi Changed My Life and Business With Next To No Overhead

Uncategorized Nov 09, 2021

The age of technology surely is upon us, with literally thousands of choices of tools to help run our online businesses. 

In 2016, I published some work on the Law of Attraction and needed a way to promote and sell my content online. I was referred to Kajabi which I quickly discovered was to become my complete business in a box!

Kajabi has a powerful website builder, landing pages, digital product/course delivery, drip content, community, forum, quizzes, surveys, learning paths, automations, email marketing, invoicing, custom coding and so much more. 

Its easy drag-and-drop systems, make it quite user-friendly with beautiful templates and pipelines to make automation a breeze. All users need to do is add their content and digital assets and away they go!  Kajabi truly does try to think of everything the user may need.

For coaches and consultants, the coaching features make running a business inside this platform so easy with session notes and content management tools and no plug-ins required.

Service is far better than other companies I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with as well. They have a live chat experience right in the user interface that doesn’t take long to get through and their team is fantastic and friendly. 

My favourite part though is the community experience. They’ve created a Facebook community that at the time of writing this article has reached nearly 27,000 users strong, and it’s quite a rich experience. They have a team of Kajabi helpers and moderators that are there to support the community and the people there are always helping one another out. It’s quite a loving place, I would even go as far as to say that it feels like a mastermind.

There is what is referred to as the Kajabi university to help teach you how to use the product in short, sweet, and easy-to-digest videos. This is such a breath of fresh air compared to the rest of what’s being offered out there that can be too overwhelming to take in. In truth, it’s so easy to use, the videos are just an extra and not even necessary. The search index inside the tool makes every question you have easy to have answered in a moment.  

If you excel using your Kajabi product, you quickly become what’s called a Kajabi Hero at the $1,000 earning mark. At this point, you’ll receive a landmark notification in your Kajabi dashboard as well as a reward pin and gift in the mail. There are more Kajabi Hero landmarks along the way. This seems to be a very motivating system to many people to help get the needle moving in their business, especially in the early stages of development. I know I really enjoyed moving up to my Kajabi Hero $50,000 and $100,000 status pins and it certainly made me take some actions I might not have taken otherwise in those months moving towards those pins.

Finally, the team that leads Kajabi is quite outstanding. Kenny Rueter CEO & Co-founder and Jonathan Cronstedt President built a team with integrity and soul through their heartfelt mission of wanting to help people take their message and passion, share it with the world, and make money in the process and their results are clear.

For example, after finding Kajabi and pouring my work inside the beautiful containers they provided me, I earned over sixteen thousand dollars my first week of launching my product to market and I’ve since helped over a thousand people create similar results using the same tools. It’s worth stating again, that Kajabi truly is a business in a box, and it’s less expensive than most of its competitors allowing you to scale your business as you grow.

The key is to get started and with a free trial, you’ve got nothing to lose. I’m so glad I gave it a try or my business and mission wouldn’t be in the awesome place it is today, and I wouldn’t be helping as many people as I do. I hope I helped you today too.

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Get Your 30 Day Kajabi FREE Trial Now!

Get Your 30 Day Kajabi FREE Trial Now!