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๐Ÿข‚ Use Facebook to Get Paid! ๐Ÿกน Your Ultimate Facebook Guide! ๐Ÿข€

So many of us spend a great deal of time visit Facebook, just cruising pages and forming connections.  My Facebook story started as a retail computer store and repair center owner from 2004 - 2014 where I spent time cruising people's "walls" (that's what they were before Timelines) and helping friends setup business pages.

In my personal life, I took on a fitness challenge with my family and quickly learned the true power of sharing on social media. I attracted the curiosity of dozens of people and they were messaging me for help without provocation. Soon, I started a fitness coaching business, that eventually added life strategy services and quickly was able to quit all other streams of income producing (jobs etc) to work from home full time.  Since then, I've helped hundreds of people (coaches and business owners) scale  what they're doing to the next level via social media, digital content creation, email marketing and book writing and am proud to say I've helped most of them achieve more than they thought possible.


The Power of Facebook for YOU!
How did I achieve all this success?  It was ALL through the power of Facebook! 

"Your Brand is What Other People Say
About You When You're Not in the Room.” 
– Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Most of us  are just posting things we find amusing on Facebook, or we share photos of events without much back story.  The truth is, people connect to your experiences when they relate to them, so the more you share about your life and what it means for you to be experiencing those things, the more people will relate, connect and engage.

๐Ÿข‚ Rule # 1 ๐Ÿข€
Be Genuine!  
Share your experiences with passion and excitement. Let people see the real you so they can get connected to your ideas and message. Think of in terms of the Jeff Bezos quote: "Your brand is what other people say about you when you're not in the room.” If you share something that leaves them thinking about you, and wanting to tell someone else, you've created an image or "brand" for connect to you and what they can expect if they return to your Timeline.

๐Ÿข‚ Rule # 2 ๐Ÿข€
Go Live! Without Wasting People's Time!
I've heard a few people give advice that says to waste a little time at the start of a Facebook live post by stalling so people can join the broadcast! EPIC FAIL! Most people will bump in less than 10 seconds if you don't peak their interest or curiosity plan your broadcasts and do just that.  It's important to have a subject that engages or adds value, especially if you plan to run any business via connections you make on Facebook. The biggest mistake coaches and marketers make is not adding enough value before they try to get conversions online. You MUST love on people and add as much value as possible on your Facebook and other social media platforms, don't waste people's time!

๐Ÿข‚ Rule # 3
Be Congruent & Consistent
People are subconsciously turned off by the most simple of things, so let's try to avoid creating turn off.  The key is to think of everything in terms of consistency and congruence. The tone of your voice has to be soft enough to not be sharp, but enthusiastic enough to not sound tired. Your energy is oh so very important. If you're too sharp and energetic, people will say you seem nice, but wow, too much energy.  If you're too quiet or low energy, people will say things like they tried to listen but wow, that person was tired and it was hard to focus. 

I use music and breathing exercises before I start a broadcast and I have the intention of listening to myself before I start. I also go the extra mile and record a few seconds of myself and listen to what I sound like all around, but that habit comes from going live a few times on mute and never wanting that to happen again!

The other side to this is consistency, it truly does build trust when people keep coming back to the same great vision of you and what you're putting out there. If you're always changing things or aren't consistent, your audience is less likely to opt in to anything you put out that might require financial input or personal commitment. If it's hard for you to be consistent, I strongly recommend you hire a coach to help you or read some books that might help, this is a great way to accelerate your results!

๐Ÿข‚ Rule # 4
Share What Makes You Feel Good

If you're passionate about something, there just might be income in that thing that you don't see.  I certainly didn't see in the early days that I could become a fitness coach via Facebook. I was a computer store owner! It was all by accident through sharing and caring on Facebook. 

You'll hear my say often on my own Facebook "Do What You Love & Share It" and that is why. I truly believe it can open doors to so many wonderful connections, opportunities and income for many. 

Maybe you'll take a chance on your now and start sharing more!

May this blog post find you well and may you have all you desire and more in 2018.

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Angel Hill
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