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If It Is To Be, It Is Up To Me!

Uncategorized Mar 09, 2018

Have you ever wondered why some people just seem to know what they want and do a ton more to reach their goals while others seem aimless and are far too often poor and unhappy? Are you having a hard time discovering what you really want do with your life? Do you find getting things done comes easy and other times, it's like trying to move a mountain? Of course you have, we all have.  Finding the right combination of intention, good energy and reasons to get started and/or follow through can be tough. 

I've come from tough places, and learned tough lessons.  I was a child in foster care who then chose to live on the streets at 13 years old.  I was suicidal and hospitalized for trying to take my own life twice by the time I was 14 years old.  I've lived in poverty, been abused, lived in self inflicted torment.  I struggled as a child even just to get homework done; motivation didn't come easy.  

Today I'm here to tell you, history doesn't equal destiny!  I fell hard, learn many lessons and now I'm sharing so you won't have to feel the pains I did.  I learned so much about how to move myself and others around me to action through doing what they enjoy most.  I've seen what my work contributes to the world and without all that crap I went through, I wouldn't be able to share this awesomesauce with you!

This is truly just a quick summary of the top things that serve me in my journey in achieving my goals and dreams, and trust me, if you don't know my story already, stick around and you'll see how I really have achieved my greatest dreams and it just keeps getting better.

Your #1 Role is to Be Resourceful!

To be straight forward, most people blow by this statement, but the BIGgest secret to achieving anything is really just BE resourceful.  If there's only one thing you take away from this, I would have you remember this.  Your #1 JOB is always to be resourceful first!  Being resourceful is what leads to all the answers, tools, people and all other things you will need to achieve any goal you set.

When I was in foster homes, I had no choice but to thrive or die (that's a story for another day), and after a great deal of pain and suffering, an adult took interest in me and put the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill into my hands and that's where I started to see the value in what I was surrounded with and how I could use all these diversities to learn and thrive.  The day I read that book was the day I chose to become resourceful.

The Best Tools to Get the Job Done Right!

We can only do the best job if we have good tools. In fact in most cases, the better the tool, not only is the work better, but the task easier.  That's why being resourceful is important.  No matter what you're seeking the answers are in these words.  It's the foundation of all success.

How to Find Your Thang!   

The hardest place to be is to not know at all what you want.  If that's you, like I said before, resourcefulness is key.  Your job is to find people who you think might think similarly to you and that are also involved in activities you would find admirable.  In my experience, those who have a hard time discovering what they desire are too often spending a great portion of their time wrapped in the same activities that don't provide any opportunity for tools and resources to become known or available. If this sounds like you, try stepping outside of your comfort zone so you can be exposed to new tools and resources. It's logical to say, if what you've been doing hasn't worked, try new things.

See How Others Are Doing Things

Another commonality I've found in clients who had a harder time discovering their passions was their logical approach to most situations and a sense of self assurance that often leads to finding their own better than most.  The trouble with this is the lack of asking for help and input from others.  The goal should be instead to only take input from the most logical sources.  Find the leaders who are operating the way you find admirable and that have a lifestyle conducive to what you think might suit you and ask them how they achieved the goals they set out.  This might also be far outside your comfort zone, but growth usually is.  Feel free to stay where you are if that suits you better, but my hunch tells me, if you've read this far, you're ready for growth!

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