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Unlock 85% Sales Conversion: The Business Builder Method Revealed!💼

Getting sales and conversions on one on one calls does require a certain magic combination to work. I’ve been at this a long time, trust me, I know. That’s why I’m so passionate about what I do. It breaks my heart to watch entrepreneurs struggle with this.

My 7-Step Business Builder Method has helped entrepreneurs attain close rates higher than 85% in one on one calls. I believe it's because I teach people to make sure their value ladder is super clear before, and their onboarding processes are — really tight— before they go into those calls. A lot of the reasons that people don't convert is because there's a part of their brain that says they won't be able to deliver with integrity.

If there's any part of your psychology that says, "I won't deliver with integrity," you're not going to sell. Your psychology is going to hold you back from actually getting the sale because you don't believe that you're going to follow through at the highest level.

When people believe that they're going to follow through with integrity and give the client something they really believe in, they just convert more. When your value ladder is really clarified, you can own that authority because you know you’re offering something that’s going to solve your client's problem.

You must be able to answer the questions: What do I solve? Who do I solve it for? And how am I different than, or how do I stand out from, everyone else offering a similar brand or solution?

When a person can answer these questions with true clarity and they have a value ladder that is done and delivered with good onboarding strategies in place, (after the person signs up for the sale – processes to deliver with integrity) all doubts of why you shouldn’t sell melt away. Sales happen far more organically and easily on every single call and in every engagement.

So you see, having a clarified value ladder and the onboarding processes nailed down and delivered means you're not going to be afraid to get onto calls anymore and you’ll start getting those sales and collecting money.

Remember, this has led to an almost already over 85% conversion rate for many of my clients, so give it a try! I've been able to help over a thousand entrepreneurs where other people struggled, so I do know a thing or two by now.

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Happy Selling!


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