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Content Strategy to Overcome Blocks and Boost Home-Based Profits!

Content creation can be a daunting task, but don't let it discourage you. The effort you put in will pay off, and with the right strategy, you can turn your content into a money-making machine!

Did you know… On average, it takes one hour of video editing to produce just one minute of professionally edited video? Many people find themselves overwhelmed by this challenge and never take the first step. The key is to create a blueprint that breaks down the process, making it less intimidating and allowing you to move forward confidently. By chunking away the work, you can share your valuable information with the world.

Let's provide you with a blueprint to kickstart your content creation journey!

Firstly, jot down your ideas on paper. Whether you prefer bullets or paragraphs, just get your ideas down. If you're lacking inspiration, consider using visuals to spark creativity.

Once you have some ideas, expand on each one, forming complete thoughts for your audience. If you struggle with this, consider using an AI tool like ChatGPT to help you elaborate on your ideas.

Remember, your goal is to know, like and trust you, but more importantly, trust your process. By the end of your presentation, your audience should have gained a solution to a problem and/or found value in their lives. This is how you become their go-to resource, creating raving fans who keep coming back for more.

📌Pro tip: Craft your titles with Google searches in mind. To attract eyeballs to your content, your title should align with what people are searching for. This is crucial in today's digital landscape if you want to monetize your efforts. The title must resonate with your audience, or you risk not getting the views you deserve.

📌Once you have your content crafted, don't overthink your video creation. Ask people to like, share, and subscribe at the start and finish. Be concise and time-conscious, and always include a call to action in every video if possible. If you feel you can't edit, consider outsourcing it. Find a freelance company online to do this for you at an affordable price because zero action equals zero income.

📌If video creation isn't your thing, publish consistent written blogs online with calls to action instead. If you're really feeling motivated, create connections with media publication editors and offer to write articles in line with their publications to meet their needs, which can lead to clicks on your website.

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Happy content creation!


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Get Your 30 Day Kajabi FREE Trial Now!